A new course for experienced young Navy machinists

(To Marina Militare)

From 22 November to 7 December 2021, 14 Volunteers in fixed farm of the "1st course VFP1 TM specialized" have attended, at the Navy Military Non-commissioning School of La Maddalena, an experimental training course specially designed for them. The new course stems from the need to train the youngest staff to carry out the basic tasks for the management of the technical systems on board the ships of the Fleet.

A "full immersion" for a group of VFP1s from Mariscuola Taranto. For three weeks the patrons, under the careful supervision of instructing non-commissioned officers Propulsion Systems Specialists and Machine Technicians (SSP / TM) have been involved in basic training activities in the maintenance of endothermic and auxiliary engine systems, mechanical workshop work, as well as in the acquisition of the general concepts of operation of a ship's platform. The outcome and the results were particularly expected since it was a very short-term experimental course, aimed at personnel totally new to the profession.

The final exams, however, rewarded the patient professionalism of the instructors, which combined with the commitment shown by the attendees allowed the full achievement of the didactic objectives set by the study plan. The Navy will now be able to dispose of the operational use of this personnel who, although a basic level operator, best represents the figure of the sailor, that is, a military man with a multipurpose capacity, lifeblood above all for the technical management of the ships of the Fleet. as well as for the terrestrial support dedicated to them.