An Italian sailor performs 96 years: he is the commander Cacace


Today in the "Giuseppe Aonzo" barracks of the Savona Coast Guard is celebrated the birthday of the frigate captain (RO) Amedeo Cacace, submariner, class 1919.

Commander Cacace is awarded a bronze medal for military valor and 6 war crosses for military valor (CGVM) and served as navigator on the royal submarines Baracca, Zoea, Cagni, Bragadino and Menotti.

On the submarine Cagni he made the longest war navigation performed by an Italian naval unit during the Second World War which lasted 137 days.

The commander Cacace took his leave, later served on the Liberty and from 1953 to 1984 in the pilots of the Port of Savona where he held the role of chief pilots from 1972 until retirement.

In the last days of January in his home in Savona there was a meeting between the commander and Eng. Roselli Lorenzini son of Admiral Roselli Lorenzini, his commander on the Cagni submarine and his entourage, from 1970 to 1973, Chief of Staff of the Navy.

It was an afternoon full of memories, anecdotes, documents and photographs; all the documentation of Commander Cacace is collected in a folder on whose cover is engraved with the badge of submarines and the inscription "F ..... like luck" the same letter that is reproduced on the birthday cake.

(in the last photo the c.te Cacace with Gen. Rommel)

Source: Military Navy