Three Navy riflemen receive the "RECON" qualification

(To Marina Militare)

Last December 22nd, at the end of a long training process, it took place in the suggestive Piazza D'Armi of the Swabian Castle of Brindisi, headquarters of the command of the marine brigade Saint Mark, the closing ceremony of the XV "RECON" qualification course conducted in favor of BMSM riflemen who have chosen to attend the hard path of professional growth.

Of the 6 soldiers admitted to attend the course, only 3 managed to obtain the coveted qualification. The course, the hardest delivered by the "Caorle" Schools battalion, training body of the brigade, lasted 16 weeks and saw the attendees engaged in numerous theoretical / practical activities, 1000 km traveled in topographic marches, fast marches, resistance marches, weighted gears and land combat, 90 hours of activity at sea for amphibious training with boats and operational swimming on the surface.

The course ended with 3 complex exercises with increasing difficulty, carried out in training areas characterized by different types of terrain, for the conduct of which, the attendees had to apply all the knowledge acquired during the previous weeks. The character and aptitude of the RECON aspirants were assessed by testing their resistance to prolonged effort and above all their mental clarity following it.

The company "paratrooper swimmers", unit of excellence of the 1st regiment Saint Mark, responsible for conducting all activities in support of amphibious operations, from amphibious reconnaissance to the management of support fire, proudly welcomed the new "RECON" qualified riflemen into the ranks.