Completed the maintenance work of the monumental anchors of the main door of the Arsenale of La Spezia

(To Marina Militare)

On Saturday 12 June 2021, the two monumental anchors located at the entrance to the main door of the Military Maritime Arsenal of La Spezia were relocated to their original position after being subjected to careful maintenance and conservation activities.

The repositioning of the anchors, which had been picked up on May 22, lasted for the entire morning period.

The intervention, carried out thanks to the sponsorship of "Leonardo SpA", was aimed at guaranteeing the integrity of the artifacts and re-established the necessary safety conditions.

The anchors, like Admiralty with fixed marre with wooden log and weighing about 4 tons each, they entered the availability of the Technical Naval Museum of La Spezia in 1966 and for decades have been part of the cultural and artistic heritage of the La Spezia community.

The citizens and the tens of thousands of tourists who visit the Technical Naval Museum of La Spezia every year will thus be able to admire again "two important pieces" of the history and maritime and naval tradition of our country.