Neptune Shield 2022 ended

(To Marina Militare)

The supervisory activity ended on May 31, after fourteen days Neptune Shield 22 (NESH 22) led by NATO with forces deployed from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean.

An Italian naval group consisting of the aircraft carrier also participated in the activity Cavour, with Naval Aviation aircraft on board, and its escort units: the destroyer Andrea Doria and the anti-submarine frigate Alpine.

The NESH 22 has set itself the purpose of carrying out Air Policing and Maritime-Based Activity for the security of the NATO area and deterrence through the use of Carrier Strike Group (CSG) HS Truman in the Mediterranean Sea andAmphibious Ready Group (ARG) of the USS Kearsage in the Baltic Sea.

The forces carried out high-intensity joint activities in all fields of maritime domain operations in order to increase cohesion, interoperability and synergy between Alliance assets.

As part of NESH22, for the first time, the Italian aircraft carrier group passed under the NATO chain of command, which exercised control of the forces involved through the command of the Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO (STRIKFORNATO) which is based in Lisbon.

NESH 22 saw the extensive involvement of assets, forces and command centers from 25 NATO and Partner countries.