Jesi's advanced medical post ends

(To Marina Militare)

The dismantling of the Advanced Medical Post (PMA) set up by the Navy at the Carlo Urbani hospital in Jesi began on Saturday, as part of the Defense against COVID 19 initiatives desired by the Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini.

The marine riflemen of the marine brigade Saint Mark, who left Brindisi on 1st April, had set up the field health facility in less than 72 hours, to make it available to the hospital in the Marches. During the setting up, the accommodation and the sanitary facilities were brought to the Carlo Urbani standards, to give continuity to the treatment of the patients.

Parallel to the installation of the structure, the Navy medical staff, coming from different locations in Italy, immediately began operating within the hospital's COVID departments, alongside doctors, nurses and technicians, to share the procedural standard adopted by hospital staff.

From 8 April the Advanced Medical Post therefore began to welcome COVID patients, in consultation with the Health Department of the Carlo Urbani hospital. On 30 April the last patient was discharged, effectively closing the facility's operations.

The climate of strong collaboration, the spirit of genuine cohesion and the remarkable synergies established between the military personnel of the Navy and the civilian one of the health company of Jesi are particularly profitable.

Once the dismantling is complete, the structure will be entirely stowed in containers, to be transported to Ancona, where it will embark on the amphibious ship San Giusto. The combination of Navy Fucilieri and amphibious ship testifies to the high flexibility of use that allows the Navy to project its capabilities from the sea, at any time and in any place.

Once in Brindisi, the entire device of the Advanced Medical Post, consisting of men, means and materials, will maintain a state of readiness of 72 hours, ready to be risked everywhere on the national territory, if necessary, thanks to the versatility intrinsic to the amphibious component of the Navy.