The stop in Naples of the schooner Tara for the biodiversity study program and scientific missions ends

(To Marina Militare)

From May 4th to May 12th Ship Mileage made a stop in Naples moored at Pier San Vincenzo of the Navy headquarters.

Naples has been chosen as the "super stop" of the expedition which represents the first continental project studying coastal ecosystems and their response to the environment: over the next two years, it will take samples in 120 sites in 21 European countries, combining scientific activities on land and at sea on an unprecedented scale.

The TREC expedition "Traversing European Coastlines" had Il as its partner National Research Council (Cnr) and coordinated by European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) together with Tara Ocean Foundation and at the European Marine Biology Resource Centre (EMBRC) for the study of coastal ecosystems.

During the stop in Naples under the patronage of the Navy, scientists traveling with the EMBL mobile laboratories and on board the schooner Mileage collected samples of water, soil, sediment and aerosols in the city, in the Pozzuoli area and in the Sarno river area. In the same period, the CNR oceanographic vessel "Gaia Blu" - currently engaged in a campaign specifically aimed at studying the Italian seabed - will join Mileage with the aim of intensifying the study of the Tyrrhenian coasts. This campaign will be coordinated by the Cnr with the scientific contribution of the Institute for Biological Resources and Marine Biotechnology (Cnr-Irbim) for the study of microbial biodiversity, and of scientific personnel from the biophysical institutes (Cnr-Ibf) of marine sciences (Cnr-Ismar) which will replicate the work carried out in TREC with particular attention to biogeochemistry.

In recent days, free exhibitions and workshops for children and adults and one of our Navy stands have been set up inside the QGM Naples naval base, it was also possible to visit the schooner Mileage attracting over 600 visitors.