The 2022 education campaign on Nave San Giusto ends

(To Marina Militare)

61 days at sea, 990 engine hours, 7.385 miles traveled. These are the numbers that characterized the 2022 education campaign of the 24th course of the non-commissioned officers of the Navy aboard Nave San Giusto, which began on 25 July and ended today, 23 September 2022. Moreover, the education campaign was associated with operational activities, as a ship San Giusto at the same time participated in the operation Safe Mediterranean, ensuring, during the transit, the necessary maritime surveillance to protect national interests in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean basin.

Split (CRO), Tunis (TUN), Larnaca (CYP) and Chania (GRE) were the foreign ports where the Unit stopped and each of them represented a unique opportunity for the students to grow, especially from a cultural and human point of view. In addition to enjoying the fantastic scenery that these views of the Mediterranean offer, the students were able to take part as protagonists in activities related to the Naval Diplomacy, a precious work that the Navy guarantees the image of the country. Military and civil authorities, local people and the press had the pleasure, during the various stops, of visiting Nave San Giusto and its crew and getting to know its details and peculiarities more closely.

“It was an experience I will never forget. I finally got to experience ships and the sea up close, the real reason why I chose this job. I experienced firsthand what it means to be part of a team and this makes me feel ready to continue this path " the almost moved words of the pupil Cecilia Pasquali.

The end of the campaign also represented another important milestone for the students, the transition to 2nd class. Right on the flight deck of the ship, following the solemn lowering of the flag, the ceremony for the delivery of the new degrees by the ship commander took place. San Giusto, captain of vessel Nicola Giannotta and of the commander of the class, lieutenant captain Chiara Camaioni.

Words of pride those addressed to the students by the commander of the Non-commissioned Officers School of Taranto, Rear Admiral Francesco Milazzo visiting today on Nave San Giusto Upon his arrival. “These two months have seen you face your first real experience in the Navy with tenacity and passion, characteristics that are a symbol of the same name you have chosen for your course: Achille. Today begins a road that is certainly not easy, many times uphill, but which will reinforce the life choice you have made day by day ".

The participation of family and friends who, near the mooring dock, were able to offer their affectionate greetings to the boys, ready to continue their training for another year at the Officers' School of Taranto.

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