The 14th course for "consultants in legal affairs and litigation 2021-2022" ends

(To Marina Militare)

Wednesday 27 July 2022 at 17.45 pm, at the headquarters of the State Attorney General, in the presence of the head general of the Administrative Responsibility Center of the Navy, Inspector Admiral Pietro Covino, and of the State Advocate General, Avv. Gabriella Palmieri Sandulli, the closing ceremony of the 14th course for "consultants in legal affairs and litigation 2021-2022" took place.

The initiative, the result of the long-lasting cooperation between the Navy and the State Attorney General, focuses on the technical-practical preparation in legal and litigation matters of the Navy officers of the Maritime Military Commissariat. Purpose of the training process: to provide suitable and concrete answers to the varied needs related to the multiple problems of a legal nature, ensuring the Armed Force qualified professional skills for the drafting of legal acts and opinions and for the doctrinal and jurisprudential updating of the aeronaval instrument.

The three visiting commissar officers (Lieutenant Annalisa De Mizio, Lieutenant Alice Russo - who took part in the ceremony in connection with a foreign mission - and Lieutenant Sharon Votta), attending hearings at all levels of judgment and in all jurisdictions, including the Constitutional Court and the Court of Cassation, have provided their contribution in the drafting of defense briefs, also useful for the examination of relevant judicial cases for the Defense Administration.

In light of an agreement with the National Bar Council, the seven months of training can be counted in the calculation of the forensic practice, necessary to take the state exam for the qualification to the legal profession. The qualification acquired at the end of the course, however, is preparatory to the granting of the qualification of "LEGAD / MAR - Legal Issues", for subsequent employment in legal consultancy offices throughout the national territory.

The atmosphere in which the ceremony was held was characterized by a tangible enthusiasm, not only on the part of the attending officers, but also on the part of the Advocate General, who expressed great satisfaction with the results achieved during the training process, highlighting how this project represents the fruit of an extremely fruitful collaboration between the State Attorney General and the Navy, in which a climate of profound and authentic synergy is outlined, positive for both institutions involved. Finally, among the final considerations of the ceremony, the Advocate General noted that, although it was easy to note the presence, for the 2021/2022, of exclusively female students, this aspect should not be considered as an element of evaluation of the work carried out. In fact, he underlined: "merit is a question of ability, not of gender quotas".