In Taranto the volunteers of the fourth course VFP1 year 2022 swear

(To Marina Militare)

With the solemn act of Oath of allegiance to the Republic, the basic training course for 7 ended on Thursday 189 July volunteers in firm prefixed of one year (VFP1) belonging to maritime military crew corps. The ceremony, presided over by the commander of the Officers' School of Taranto, Rear Admiral Andrea Petroni and embellished by the presence of numerous civil and military authorities, the banners and banners of the Combatant and Weapon Associations, was held in the historic Piazza d'Armi where a few days earlier the heroic deeds performed by the lieutenant captain Lorenzo Bezzi - Gold Medal for Military Valor - to whom the Training Institute is named.

To give greater solemnity to the ceremony, the delivery of prizes established in favor of frequenters and students who have particularly distinguished themselves in their respective courses. The national councilor ofNational Sailing Association of Italy (ANMI), Rear Admiral (a) Luigi Cisternino, handed over to the head of the 3rd cl. np Serino Angelo, 1st classified at the end of the 22nd normal course marshals the marshal's saber and dragona and to the ssc / rd sergeant Mauceri Pasquale, 1st classified of the 25th sergeant course, a plaque of merit; finally the admiral of division (r) Claudio Confessore gave the pupil the 2nd cl. Zuccarini Mattia, 1st classified in military aptitude at the end of the first normal class marshals, the plate of the Military Order of Italy.

Admiral Petroni, in the opening greeting, thanked the City of Taranto which has hosted the Training Institute since the Second World War "Taranto, a maritime city par excellence, with a naval base, a commercial port, fishing, tourism, a large and widespread induced activity that revolves around the sea, the common denominator of the economic and social fabric ..., loved by all of us sailors, is genuine expression of the maritime vocation of our country, projected into the Mediterranean with its 8000 km of coastline and with an economy almost totally dependent on maritime traffic ". In a subsequent passage of the address, addressing directly to his pupils, he highlighted the importance of the sea for a sailor "... your real training ground will soon be the sea, because in addition to being military you are sailors and this means knowing the sea, appreciating it, defending it, being in tune with it, fearful and at the same time respecting it, it is in the sea that you learn courage and effort, it is the sea that teaches us generosity and altruism, it is the sea that places us in front of our limits and that pushes us to face and overcome them in a continuum that will accompany you throughout your career. "

The oath was the final act of a course that lasted only four weeks, but full of educational and training activities, in a path designed to direct a group of young people from civilian to military life. The days flew by alternating the development of educational programs with activities dedicated to ethical-military training, passing through education on the subject of "safety in the workplace", swimming and rowing activities, formal training and closed order.

“I am proud and excited because today I swore in the same uniform that my father and grandfather wore. I have always wanted to live this moment and I hope it is a starting point to build my future in the Armed Force " said the com. 2nd cl. M / S of SOLAZZO Noemi, who added: "This experience, thanks also to the spirit of body that was created with my classmates, also gave me the opportunity to get to know myself better and create strong bonds of friendship".

From next week 83 sailors will complete the crews of the naval units, 53 sailors will be assigned to the "Caorle" Schools battalion of the marine brigade Saint Mark in order to obtain the amphibious qualification, while 46 sailors will remain in the Institute to attend the specialized course of "Service Defense Installations".