The multinational exercise ADRION 22 ended in Split

(To Marina Militare)

The multinational exercise ADRION 10 ended on Friday 22 June, after six days of activity. Among the participating navies, in addition to the Italian one, the representations of Albania, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro and Slovenia.

Ship Commander Foscari participated in the exercise, representing the Italian Navy. Integration, cooperation and interoperability were the objectives pursued by the participating nations. The ADRIaticoIONica (ADRION) initiative, in fact, originates from the Interministerial Conference of Ancona in 2000 which has the aim of strengthening regional cooperation and guaranteeing the political - economic stability and security of the area.

The 2022 edition took place in the Croatian city of Split.

The On Call Maritime Force (OCMF), led by the Croatian command staff, and made up of six naval units from participating nations. After a phase of integration of the participating forces, carried out in the port, various training activities were conducted at sea, aimed at increasing the capabilities of the navies in terms of maritime safety: control of merchant traffic, Search and Rescue and contrast of the asymmetric threat.

The practical phase was preceded by a synthetic exercise activity developed with the aid of computers, at the Faculty of Maritime Studies of the University of Split, at which time the crews, through the use of naval simulators, were able to plan and develop the next operational scenario.