Sinai, the new MFO commander patrolling Italian ships


Last Thursday the Explorer, Sentinel and Vedetta ships of the Tenth Coastal Naval Group conducted a joint patrol under the operational control of major general Denis Thompson, the new force commander of the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) on the Sinai Peninsula.

The general is embarked on an Explorer ship accompanied by the group leader, frigate captain Francesco Pepe, by the force sergeant major, chief warrant officer Brad Biggar and his staff.

The force commander took part in one of the routine missions that the Coastal Patrol Unit carries out to guarantee freedom of navigation in the waters off the Sinai peninsula, to protect the clauses of the treaty stipulated between Egypt and Israel at the end of the Kippur war , assisting in the operations of control and carry-over of mercantile traffic in the stretch of sea of ​​responsibility of the MFO.

The Coastal Patrol Unit is the only naval force of the MFO and is supplied entirely by the Italian Navy which, for over thirty years, has participated in the peace mission and is responsible for patrolling the Strait of Tiran, guaranteeing a continuous presence for over 4500 hours every year.

Major Thompson, of the Canadian army, took command of the MFO military force on March XNUM, taking over the New Zealand major general Whiting. Among the various positions previously held, that of commander of the Kandahar task force in Afghanistan and that of commander of the Canadian special forces.

Source: Military Navy