The ''Santa Barbara Tournament" concludes

(To Marina Militare)

Monday 5 December, with the award ceremony in the Piazza d'Armi of the Officers' School of Taranto, the traditional intercalasse tournament of Santa Barbara has ended. The commander of the Institute, rear-admiral Francesco Milazzo, presented the coveted trophy to the command of the 2nd normal class marshals, Corso "Achille", who finished first overall.

In honor of the Patron Saint, the representatives of the 3 normal marshal courses and the fixed-term voluntary courses challenged each other in three different sports - swimming, running and 5-a-side football - demonstrating great sportsmanship and esprit de corps.

Admiral Milazzo in his address, congratulating all the participants, wanted to underline the importance of these moments of healthy competition "…the aggregation, teamwork, supporting each other especially in times of difficulty…moments that you may find yourself facing at sea and that only together, I am sure, you will be able to overcome."

For everyone, the tournament was certainly a playful moment and a break from intense training and university study activities, as well as an opportunity to strengthen course ties and the spirit of belonging.

The winners trophy will be displayed in the commandant's office to the class pending next year's contest.

See you next Santa Barbara!

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