The wave of migrants continues unabated


Yet another migrant landing at the commercial port of Augusta today. The amphibious ship Saint George of the navy at the 15 in point has docked in port and has begun the landing of 944 migrants of which 784 men, 119 women and minor 41 coming from Eritrea, Palestine, Gambia, Syria and other African countries .

On board also a woman in the seventh month of pregnancy. Visited by the doctors on board was found in excellent condition.

The migrants were welcomed by the ship's crew: they were refreshed and special attention was also paid to the children who were also given games to pass the time during the crossing.

Surveys underway by law enforcement to identify if there were smugglers on board.

The San Giorgio ship from March until today has recovered well 6500 migrants.

More migrants are arriving in Porto Empedocle.

At the same time, the captain of the vessel, Vianello, replaces Admiral Mario Culgasi in command of the Flag Ship of the Mare nostrum operation.

Salvatore pappalardo