Morosini Naval School: the week of the Maender course


Last Friday ended the so-called "Blue Week", an orientation activity organized in favor of the students of the 2 ° course of the military naval school "F. Morosini ", with the aim of opening a window on the training and operational world of the navy and other armed forces to the visitors of the Institute.

The 64 students of the "Maeander" course, 51 boys and 13 girls, have indeed had the opportunity, during a particularly intense week, to visit the 51 ° aeronautical aerospace of the Military Air Force, the Modena Military Academy, the 187 regiment paratroopers "Folgore", the company "Sile" of the lagoon regiment "Serenissima", the 1 ° regiment carabinieri paratroopers "Tuscania", the naval academy of Livorno, the command divers and raiders, ship Scirocco, ship Margottini, the station helicopters MM of Luni and the helicopter station of the Sarzana coastguard. Visits to the "Vega" technology center and the fincantieri plant in Marghera were also conducted.

In particular, during the visit to the helicopter station of Luni, the students of the Maeander course received their "baptism of the air", carrying out, within the scheduled training activities for the 1 and 5 helicopter groups, a exciting flight on the modern navy aircraft EH101 and SH90. It was absolutely the first experience of aerial setting in favor of students of the naval military school in Venice.

Source: Military Navy