San Marco: 40 years after landing in Lebanon, 8 young officers wear berets for the first time

(To Marina Militare)

On 27 September the Swabian Castle of Brindisi, seat of the marine brigade Saint Mark, is in turmoil. The date of the celebration of 40 years since the historic landing of the Italian contingent in Lebanon also sees the delivery of the beret for eight young officers. At the end of their training days, they will be directly employed as commanders of the platoons of the Navy Infantry.

The effort made by the neo-riflemen in the nine months of the course is titanic, responding only to a motivation and a strength of mind that constitute the cornerstone of the attitude of a Lion of San Marco.

The indescribable commitment is clear from the figures listed by cf Tulumello, commander of the 'Caorle' Schools battalion.

"35 weeks of course for a total of 245 days of training and 2630 hours of activity, 92 nights exposed to atmospheric agents, 10 complex long-lasting tactical activities, more than 1000 km traveled of which 600 km with ballast, 12.000 pushups, 4.800 tractions, 815 barbettone descents, 7 ballasted gears from 4 to 40 km, backpacks from 50 to 60 kilograms transported over long distances, 300 hours of physical training, 48 hours of flight on helicopters, 40.000 shots fired in the range and over 20 written tests on professional subjects including an oral examination of amphibious doctrine in the presence of a commission of senior officers. "

The absolute dedication, devoted passion and attachment to the flag are recognized on this day of celebration and remembrance when the instructors, proud and moved, place the beret on the head of each of the visitors.

The amphibious students have now become commanders of men and means and will be called to work everywhere in the world with in-depth preparation and a solid spirit.

The ceremony is full of feeling, there is no shortage of tears of some family member or some veteran who remembers the vigor of their days in the ranks of the Saint Mark. Speeches follow one another, while banners flutter in the wind in remembrance of past glories that must never be forgotten.

The commander of Caorle closes his speech by addressing the most important absentees, never really absent in the sacred square: "To conclude, I turn to you, fallen from San Marco, who protect the village and the men who live under the wing of the Lion from above: guide us and our young people. day ended, your light lives in the lion on our blouses and in the frieze of our berets. For this day, for these young people, for this Department: BY SEA FOR TERRAM! "

The world stops, the scream is loud, it rips the air of a clear day, it almost sounds like a roar and echoes in the distance.

Eight lions were born in front of a thousand others who have fought and recognize its value.


Thunderous applause and some tremors conclude a memorable day where the past and the future of the department looked at each other and shook hands.