Salvatore Todaro: Chioggia remembers its hero

(To Marina Militare)

From 14 to 17 October, in the city of Chioggia where the commander Todaro took his first steps before entering the Naval Academy, the event took place "The seven seas - the Navy meets the City of Chioggia". A series of events such as visits by the civilian population to the submarine Romeo Romei and to the hydrographic vessel Arethusa, the setting up of a promotional stand by the submarine staff, the presence of a mobile information center of the Navy and the conference "The green challenges of the sea: new technologies for marine engines" they remembered the great submariner, eighty years after his death.

On Sunday 16 October, in the square that already bears the name of Todaro, in the presence of the citizens and the pupils of the Elementary School named after him, the city authorities and Rear Admiral Andrea Petroni discovered the plaque dedicated to the submarine commander who died off the Tunisian coast in 1942. The shrill and enthusiastic voice of the elementary school children Salvatore Todaro, who sang the national anthem during the ceremony, sealed the conclusion of the event which saw the moving participation of all citizens.

Admiral Petroni, also a submariner, in reaffirming the strong link between the Navy and the City of Chioggia, wanted to recall, in his speech, the principles that have always distinguished seafarers, values ​​that Salvatore Todaro has embodied to perfection: the love for the homeland, the iron determination, the inventiveness and resilience of his being a valiant and fearless fighter, without ever being obscured, even in the most adverse difficulties, altruism, humanity, the innate sense of duty of the sailor who, strong of the "two thousand years of civilization on the shoulders"while defeating the enemy, he extends his hand to him in the moment of difficulty.