Renewed collaboration agreement between the Italian Navy and the Italian Naval League

(To Marina Militare)

This morning, the renewal of the collaboration agreement between the Navy (MM) and the Italian Naval League (LNI) was signed at the headquarters of the Navy General Staff.

The agreement, signed by the Chief of Staff of the Navy, team admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone, and by the national president of the Italian Naval League, team admiral (a) Donato Marzano, confirms the will of the Navy and the Naval League to continue in the path of mutual collaboration for the enhancement and relaunch of the culture of the sea and environmental protection and the desire to work in close synergy in bringing the population closer to boating in an inclusive and supportive way, with particular regard to youth.

“For some time we have been trying to awaken consciences in our country by promoting, on every occasion that presents itself to us, the concept of seafaring. The collaboration between the Navy and the Italian Naval League must be framed in this perspective: two complementary subjects who work synergistically in this work tirelessly, with an attentive look towards the auditorium of the schools and the younger ones. " These are the words of the Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone. 

"The spread of maritime culture, going to sea without physical, mental, social barriers and the commitment to protect the marine environment, constitute the institutional mission of the Naval League", declared the national president Admiral Donato Marzano, "And in this sense, the possibility of continuing to operate in symbiosis with the Navy, as sanctioned by the newly renewed Agreement, represents a precious tool and an added value for the achievement of our mutual objectives".

The Italian Naval League and the Navy contribute with their work to the preservation of the historical memory of the maritime traditions of the country, also in order to promote the job opportunities that the sea offers to young people. The new agreement also facilitates the integration of military communities with local ones, creates synergies between the activities of the LNI and those of other Bodies and Bodies connected to the Navy and contributes to spreading the principles of ethics, solidarity, love. for sport and the sea and respect for the environment.

For culture and tradition, the link between the Italian Navy and sailing has always been an indissoluble relationship; the teaching and culture of sailing has been and always will be one of the fundamental and essential pillars in the training and didactic programs of the training institutes of the Navy.