First outing at sea for the fourth Giovanni delle Bande Nere Multipurpose Offshore Patrol Vessel

(To Marina Militare)

The fourth Multipurpose Offshore Patrol (P434), the first in version Full, on 28 July 2022 began its test campaign, prodromal to joining the naval team, thus bringing back, in the open sea, after exactly 80 years, the name assigned to a glorious and historic light cruiser of the "di Giussano "Condottieri" series of the Royal Navy.

This is a ship Giovanni delle Bande Nere, naval unit built, from the first phase of fund setting in August 2019 until the technical launch of 12 February 2022, in the Riva Trigoso shipyard (GE) and, subsequently, transferred to Fincantieri Muggiano (SP) for fitting out on the quay, the appropriate industrial checks and finally for the preliminary tests for the first outing at sea.

With the execution of the First Sea Going (FSG), an event of absolute importance in the process of acceptance of the future unit by the Navy, the activities aimed at verifying the functionality of the platform and combat systems conducted under the supervision of the Navy, in order to ensure strict compliance the contractual military requirements required.

The FSG represents a milestone at a contractual level and saw on board the participation of the contractual authority OCCAR and the "Commission for Verification of Conformity and Acceptance" (CVCA) made up of representatives of NAVARM, MARINALLES and UTNAV and chaired by the commander of the first naval division , Rear Admiral Lorenzano Di Renzo.

Ship Giovanni delle Bande Nere, fourth unit of the class Thaon of Revel, is the first in version Full, that is, with the entire suite of discovery systems and weapons installed on board specifically developed for these naval units in the different three-dimensional combat configurations.

The delivery to the Navy of the patrol vessel by Fincantieri is scheduled for 2024. The conclusion of the entire PPA program for the Navy is scheduled for August 2026, with the delivery of Nave Domenico Millelire, seventh and last offshore patrol vessel and second in version Full.

Il New Naval Construction Equipment Center continues to supervise the stages of outfitting and preparation of the designated crews on board these multi-mission and innovative ships, in order to be able to use them, right from the start, in the performance of their duties. All this is the result of a synergic, rigorous and punctual work that involves valuable industrial, governmental and intergovernmental resources, as concrete testimony of a company of the "Country System".