First woman to take command of a company of the San Marco marine brigade

(To Marina Militare)

He assumed command of the 1st assault company "Bafile", employed by the 1st assault battalion Degree, on 24 September last.

Immediately projected inside the training theater of the Open Sea 2021, exercise by opposing parties of the Navy with the aim of increasing the combat readiness of the participating structures, Francolini TV immediately faced the activity with the great preparation and professionalism, typical of all the members of the Landing Force.

In fact, through the simulation of a complex crisis scenario, it was possible to complete a spectrum of amphibious operations ranging from the amphibious raid to the recovery of civilian personnel in hostile areas, in order to keep the operational readiness of the 1st regiment high. Saint Mark.

The important proving ground allowed the new commander to put into practice, by holding a top position, the skills and qualities acquired in hard years of training, thus adding further great achievements to the great book that preserves the history of San Marco which welcomed the first female company commander into the ranks for the first time in its long history.

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