The NATO exercise Dynamic Move 2022 – II is underway at MARICODRAG

(To Marina Militare)

On 29 August 2022 it began, at the command of the Mine Countermeasure Forces - MARICODRAG of the Italian Navy in La Spezia, the NATO exercise Dynamic Move 2022 - II, which will end on 9 September.

Usually divided into two annual events, one in Italy and one at the Naval Academy Campus in Ostend (NAC), for the second consecutive year the training activity organized annually by the NATO Maritime Command (MARCOM) took place exclusively at the Italian command.

The exercise aims to train NATO staff in the planning and conduct of remediation operations in areas affected by the presence of dangerous devices for navigation, inserted in a simulated scenario of international crisis between countries.

The tutorial is classified as CAX / CPX (Computer Assisted eXercise / Command Post eXercise) and allows for staff training, inserted in a task organization divided into 2 CTFs, 3 CTGs and 4 CTUs.

The current edition sees the staff specialized in Mines and Mine Countermeasures train in a complex scenario and work closely with Navies from around the world, including Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Great Britain, Greece, Iraq, Holland, Norway, Poland, USA, Slovenia, participating in a training opportunity of the highest level, preparatory to the use and maximum effectiveness of the international staff embarked on board the permanent naval groups of the mine countermeasure units (SNMCMG1 and SNMCMG2).

Also this year the exercise saw the direct participation of the SNMCMG2 CTG staff, currently sailing to guarantee its institutional tasks.

In particular, the central role that Italy continues to play in recent years, represented by the command of the Mine Countermeasure Forces, is a great demonstration of the importance that the country has as a reference for NATO in the field of the War of Mines, for the countries bordering the Mediterranean and for the entire Atlantic Alliance.

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