Clarification on the arrest of 16 smugglers by Nave Aliseo


On November 9, as part of the Mare Nostrum operation, the aeronaval device has located and monitored in hidden form, for about 48 hours, a mother unit intent on towing a boat with crammed aboard, in inhuman conditions, 176 migrants.

After having observed the abandonment of the towed boat in precarious conditions of buoyancy, Stromboli Ship set out to rescue the migrants, while Nave Aliseo, in international waters, began the pursuit of the mother ship that attempted to escape with dangerous evasive maneuvers by refusing to be inspected despite repeated injunctions by radio, also in Arabic. Acquired the absolute certainty of not hitting the crew of the fugitive ship, as a last resort, used weapons progressively to force them to stop the flight and complete the arrest of the smugglers. Only after about two hours of chasing, the mother ship interrupted her escape and allowed an inspection by a team of marine riflemen. The operation carried out in close coordination with the judicial authority allowed 16 traffickers in human beings to be brought to justice.

Source: Military Navy