Over 2500 children visited in "The Moving Country System"


"It was nice to see the children welcomed with kindness and professionalism by your crews. I saw the doctors of the Francesca Rava Foundation after visiting the children give them glasses, making them happy because they could see the world around them as they had never seen. Thank you from everyone in the name of the Ministry of Health and the Senegalese people. "

These are the words of the director of the national childhood hospital center "Albert Royer", Thierno Seidou Ndiaye, in commenting on his visit aboard the Etna supplyer, an integral part of the 30 Naval Group, also composed of the aircraft carrier Cavour and the frigate Bergamini, and parked in Dakar (Senegal).

173 is visited by the 4 optical optometrists and 1 volunteer ophthalmologists from the Francesca Rava NPH foundation from AIMO and FEDEROTTICA who, in the 4 days of activity, also donated 37 glasses assembled at the time. 8 is therefore the ports of the African continent in which, as part of the Naval Campaign "The Country System in Motion", the volunteers of the Francesca Rava NPH Italia Onlus foundation, with the contribution of the volunteer nurses of the Italian Red Cross and the entire crew of the supplier, they made 2513 eye exams and donated 605 pairs of glasses.

"4 has now passed months since we left Italy but, day after day, port after port, the humanitarian assistance activity has really recharged us, because doing good is good. A charge, an enthusiasm, an energy that I see in all the 1200 men and women of the 30 ° Naval Group, set of hearts, minds and arms that, in full synergy with the staff of the Francesca RAVA NPH Italia Onlus Foundation and of the nurses volunteers of the Red Cross, give credit to the spirit of solidarity of Italy, through a heartfelt and convinced work of help towards the poorest and most distressed people "is the reflection of the commander of the 30 Naval Group, divisional admiral Paolo Treu, in analyzing the results achieved.

The 30 ° Naval Group, consisting of the Cavour aircraft carrier, the Etna refueler and the Bergamini frigate, will return to Civitavecchia the next 08 April, after having crossed the waters of the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean, and circumnavigated the African continent.

Source: Military Navy