Nave Vespucci returns to sail the seas after the winter break

(To Marina Militare)

May 23, the magic of Nave Vespucci takes shape again: like every year, after the winter break, the ship leaves the port of La Spezia, ready to sail the seas.

The unit is finally ready to take off, enchanting the eyes of those who admire it. In the next month the Vespucci it will reach the waters of Naples, Montecarlo, Imperia, Gaeta, Procida, La Maddalena and Portofino.

This period will precede and prepare the key activity of the "lady of the seas": the summer campaign in favor of the students of the 1st class of the Naval Academy of Livorno. The future officers will learn, in addition to the seafaring notions, also the fundamental values ​​of the Armed Force, first of all the spirit of body, courage and spirit of sacrifice, of which this ship is the keeper.

Despite his 91 years, the Vespucci, national pride, continues to bewitch the eyes of visitors, who see it as a symbol of Italian excellence.

Proud to represent the country and its citizens everywhere, the "most beautiful ship in the world" leaves its moorings to start a new adventure.