Nave Vespucci concludes the Amsterdam stage and heads for Alicante

(To Marina Militare)

On Thursday 22 August the training ship Amerigo Vespucci concluded the 5 ^ stage of the 2019 Education Campaign in Amsterdam, Holland, after 8 sailing days 812 miles, 634 with mixed sailing and motor navigation.

This last stop was certainly very welcome by the entire crew, who had the opportunity to visit an enchanting city characterized by floating markets, Flemish art, baroque churches and numerous canals.

In addition to the beautiful landscapes that characterize the city, the young official students were involved, in a series of institutional and cultural visits, such as the visit to the Naval Museum and ESA, the European Space Agency.

Nave Vespucci was also interested in the visit of General Claudio Graziano who, addressing the cadets, wanted to underline the importance of persevering in strengthening their souls and their spirits. "Your future will be characterized not only by a common national dimension, but also by a European integration in the field of defense and security", these are the words of the president of the Military Committee of the European Union.

Furrowing the waters of the North Seas, passing through the English Channel and crossing Gibraltar, Nave Vespucci, set sail towards Alicante, Spain, 6 ^ and last stage of the 2019 Education Campaign.