Ship San Marco parked in Alexandria in Egypt

(To Marina Militare)

​At the conclusion of the events planned during the stop in the port of Alexandria in Egypt, on March 22nd Ship Saint Mark - headquarters of the tactical command of theOperation Safe Mediterranean (WHO) about three weeks ago - set sail from the naval base in the capital of the ancient Ptolemaic Kingdom for a bilateral exercise with the Egyptian navy.

In full harmony with the consolidated operational commitment of the naval team in the entire area of ​​the Enlarged Mediterranean, the visit to Egypt of the amphibious assault unit of the third naval division intended to promote international maritime collaboration in continuity with the broader cooperation action for the security and stability of the area.

In addition to the celebrations at the monument to the fallen at sea and those killed during World War II at the El Alamein memorial, during the three days of rest, bilateral meetings were held, on land and on board, between the delegations of the two guided Navies by rear admiral Stefano Costantino (tactical commander of OMS) on one side and by rear admiral Walid Aly Attia (commander of the naval base of Alexandria and of the local maritime department) on the other.

In the framework of interoperability between the operational components of the respective Navies which can count on the availability of common systems and equipment in the naval field, the exercise at sea also involved the frigate Al Galala of the FREMM class, which has long been used on a broad spectrum by the Navy and promoted internationally as an excellence in high-tech shipbuilding.

On the occasion of the Alessandria stage, Nave Saint Mark received on board the deputy head of the diplomatic mission of Italy in Egypt, minister adviser Pietro Vacanti Perco who, during his greeting address to the ship's crew and the staff of the WHO command, intended to express his appreciation for the action to support the national foreign policy of the unit through the instrument of 'naval diplomacy'.