Nave San Giusto leaves the city of Souda

(To Marina Militare)

It ended yesterday for Nave San Giusto the last foreign stage of the education campaign in favor of the pupil marshals of the NCO school. The unit arrived at the Souda naval base on Saturday 17 September for a four-day stop.

During the voyage, which led the unit to reach the island of Crete, the students continued to take part in the numerous education and training activities such as the use of small arms, fire and anti-leak training and control of merchant traffic. , using special means, such as the ocean-going boat Hurricane. But to characterize this section of navigation was above all the final exam that the students took on what they learned during the two months lived on board the ship. San Giusto.

"It was not easy to sustain the rhythms that life on board calls you to face and at the same time obtain a good preparation, but I can say that I am fully satisfied with the exam taken and even more with the experience gained in the field, an experience that I will bring with me and that I will be able to consolidate in my next non-commissioned officer positions " these are the words of the pupil Jessica Fabrizi.

During the stop there was also the possibility for a representation of students to visit the important NATO Center NMIOTIC (NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Center), located right inside the naval base of Souda. The center is responsible for providing specific training courses for NATO forces and partner states, in order to improve their level of training in the specific field of maritime interdiction activities. To welcome the commander of the unit and the students, the frigate captain Gianluca Finamore who at the center carries out the important task of Support Training Director.

Ship San Giusto he is now preparing to set sail for the naval base of Taranto where, on 23 September, the training campaign for the marshal students will end.