Nave San Giusto embarks the Advanced Medical Post of the San Marco marine brigade at the end of the activity

(To Marina Militare)

Today, 14 May 2020, the Advanced Medical Place (PMA) of the marine brigade Saint Mark was embarked from the port of Ancona on board the amphibious ship San Giusto.

The PMA had been installed in Jesi in less than 72 hours since April 2 at the Carlo Urbani hospital in the fight against COVID-19.

Ship San Giusto he was already in the Adriatic Sea in presence and surveillance with duties of Fishing Supervision.

Since 1959 the Navy has been carrying out surveillance duties and continuous naval presence in the international waters most affected by the fishing activities of the Italian fishing fleets.

The activities carried out in Jesi, in support of the Carlo Urbani Hospital, have highlighted certain capabilities that the Navy and, in this specific case, the marine brigade Saint Mark (BMSM), manages to express in a very short time: the projection of forces from the sea.