Ship Raimondo Montecuccoli arrives in the port of Miami

(To Marina Militare)

It's the first hours of dawn on May 15th when a lookout on the ship's bridge jokingly jokes Montecuccoli shouts "Earth! Earth!" inspiring and imitating the navigators of past eras, at the end of long ocean voyages.

Departed last May 05th from the island of Madeira, Nave Montecuccoli he said goodbye to the old continent and faced the challenges of the Atlantic Ocean with the aim of reaching the "new world" at the end of an ocean navigation of ten days and over 3200 nautical miles. Every wave overcome, every mile traveled seemed like a competition with the vastness of the ocean, fueling day after day the impatience to reach the long-awaited metropolis of the south-eastern coast of Florida, the first stop on the new continent of the Operational Projection Campaign that began from La Spezia last April 29th.

The stop in the port of Miami from 15 to 18 May made it possible to show in the eyes of the local civil and military authorities a "moving witness" of the Navy and, more generally of Italy, with the clear intention of affirming its presence in areas of ever-increasing strategic importance, to strengthen relations with allies and partners and to create new ties with them, sharing common values ​​such as the centrality of maritime space and freedom of navigation.

In addition to the representative events, professional cultural moments were added in favor of the crew such as the visit to the US SOUTHCOM and to the headquarters of the US COAST GUARD. The visit on board the UNUCI section of Miami named after Luigi Durand De La Penne and the conference "Science in space to cure disease on Earth" held by Dr. Davide Marotta under the patronage of the Italian Cultural Institute, contributed to enriching the stop in the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Florida.