Nave Palinuro for the first time crosses the Corinth Canal


Heading for the port of Piraeus, in the scenery of the Gulf of Corinth and after passing under the central span of the Rio-Antirrio bridge on yesterday afternoon, Palinuro ship is approaching the fourth stage of the 2014 Education Campaign in favor of the students of the XVI course Normale Marshals of the non-commissioned school of Taranto.

After leaving Ancona and having sailed in the Gulf of Patras, the naval schooner, under the command of the frigate captain Marco Filzi, sets off for Piraeus (Greece's largest port) crossing for the first time in eighty years of life on the sea, the Corinth Canal. A narrow passage dug into the rock at the end of the nineteenth century, to avoid the much longer periplus of the Peloponnese.

The navigation in this rocky 'gorge', long 6 kilometers, is a complex operation for a single-hulled ship equipped with a 'manual rudder', and has engaged the entire crew and students since the first preparations. In fact, yesterday afternoon, the coachmen of the ship with the marshals students, have adjusted the maneuvers and armed the "flagships" flags (that is, they rotated the trees to position them so that the flagpoles had the smallest possible width). In addition, the palischermi (rowing boats supplied to the Palinuro) have been put in the sea to reduce even more the lateral overall dimensions given the width of just 24 meters of the canal.

After this first experience in the Corinth Canal, the Palinuro docked in the port of Piraeus where it will stop until the 26 in August.

Source: Military Navy