Nave Numana and Nave Palmaria train with the NATO standing mine countermeasures group 2

(To Marina Militare)

Last 11 February in the waters of the Ligurian Sea Nave Numana and Ship palmaria with on board, respectively, the commander of the 54th coastal minesweeper squadron and the commander of the first group auxiliary vessels, have undergone joint training with the standing NATO mine countermeasures group 2 (SNMCMG2).

SNMCG2 is the Permanent Maritime Mine Countermeasures Group of NATO, a device that provides the Alliance with an indispensable capacity to ensure free access to ports and the safety of the main shipping routes, contributing to the protection and safeguarding of those who operate at sea.

The activity, which saw the execution of a series of simple and complex exercises, made it possible to test the training level of the crews and the interoperability between national units and those of other states belonging to the Atlantic Alliance.

The kinematic maneuvers carried out also represented a great opportunity to train the officers about to take the exam for the qualification of the guard on the operational bridge.

Particularly significant was the contrast exercise to asymmetric attacks, carried out with the support of the command of divers and raiders (COMSUBIN) and del command of mine countermeasures forces (MARICODRAG); these have in fact simulated a series of attacks on the naval device by fast boats, giving the possibility on the one hand to implement the self-defense procedures of the individual participating units and on the other the ability to coordinate between them.