Nave Morosini: The elementary internship of the second PPA has begun under the guidance of the Taranto Aeronaval Training Center

(To Marina Militare)

On 24 January, at the Mar Grande Naval Station in Taranto, the Elementary Internship of Ship Francesco Morosini, second unit of the PPA class (Pattugliatori Polivalenti d'Altura), under the guidance of Aeronaval Training Center of Taranto (Maricentadd).

The young unit, delivered last October to the Navy, is therefore preparing to face an intense training period involving the entire crew, aimed at achieving full operational capability. Under the scrupulous guidance of Maricentadd's group of instructors, checks of the organization and services on board began.

Through the experience and indications of the Maricentadd staff, the crew will be stimulated in training contexts, at sea and in port, which will allow the ship, at the end of the 6-week period, to acquire the right preparation and to face future advanced operational and training engagements.

During the initial phase in port, it was possible to meet Nave's crew Thaon of Revel, lead unit of the PPA class, returning from its first operational use outside the Mediterranean. The comparison between the main figures on board has allowed the sharing of the operational know-how acquired during the respective first months of effective employment, as well as the development of increasingly effective ideas and proposals, with a view to continuing to improve the concept of use of this type of naval units, which make flexibility and modularity their strength.

Finally, at the end of the interaction in the port, the tactical maneuvers at sea made it possible to appreciate the unprecedented image on the horizon of the two PPAs, which in their characteristic and iconic form are the testimony of the renewal process that the Navy has started in the recent years, as well as the expression of the most innovative technology in the country in the sector.