Magnaghi ship towards Lebanon

(To Marina Militare)

Ship Magnaghi during the month of July it will carry out activities on the coast of Tripoli (Lebanon) where, as part of the Italy / Lebanon cooperation plan, it will launch a survey campaign aimed at creating the nautical map of the port.

On board of Nave Magnaghi a team of instructors will also operate in support of the local hydrographic office. In fact, for years, the two hydrographic institutes have established a strong collaboration activity both in the sector of training of hydrographers (surveyor e master surveyor), both in the creation of cartographic and nautical products.

Throughout the activity a non-commissioned officer of the Lebanese navy will operate on board, integrated into the crew, and currently in training at the Hydrographic Institute of the Genoa Navy, for the practical training necessary to obtain the title of hydrographer.

At the end of the ship activity Magnaghi he will return to Italy where he will resume the sounding of the seabed for the collection of hydro-oceanographic data useful for the updating and production of cartography and national nautical publications as well as for the monitoring and study of the seabed, the coasts and the coast Italian.

Ship Magnaghi, a hydro-oceanographic unit of the Navy, currently under the command of the frigate captain Alessandro Peveri, depends organically and operationally, through the squadrons hydrographic units and experiences (COMSQUAIDRO LA SPEZIA) and the command of mine countermeasures forces (MARICODRAG LA SPEZIA), from command in chief of the naval squad (CINCNAV).