Nave Italia sets course for the Ligurian east

(To Marina Militare)

The Nave campaign Italy in this 2020 it continues, as usual, in the name of inclusion and solidarity. The Foundation brig Tender To Nave Italia sailed towards the Gulf of Tigullio hosting on board the project called "Epilepsy out of the shadows" of the Department of Neuroscience of the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital (OPBG) in Rome.

Eight girls and boys suffering from epilepsy, together with five escorts including doctors and nurses, spent the week from 08 to 12 September on board the unit, fully integrated into life on board, ready to live, together with the crew of the Navy , the little big challenges that life on the sea faces them every day.

Epilepsy is a neurological pathology that causes poor acceptance, family overprotection and a limitation of personal autonomy, excessive compared to the real cognitive resources and risks associated with the disease. The project had the general objective of working on the sense of self-efficacy of the children, using the solidarity and cooperative culture of the sea. Life on board, in fact, is a test bench that strengthens self-esteem since putting oneself to the test, overcoming small big challenges, sharing experiences like a real crew are experiences whose beneficial effects reverberate in everyday life for who has the opportunity to experience them. This is what the Navy offers its young guests, this is what determines Nave's success Italy.

Despite the evolution of the emergency situation linked to COVID-19, the young sailors scrupulously observed the measures contained in the on-board health protocol, being able to safely carry out the numerous seafaring activities and laboratories that were proposed to them. The maneuvering position at the sail, the corvee shifts, the knot workshop, the ascent to shore, the correspondence and star recognition lesson were the distillation of life on board that the crew shared with the young users, to give them an experience they will not forget.

On Saturday morning, with the arrival in the naval base of La Spezia, the five days aboard the ship ended Italy. The OPBG teenagers greeted the crew, excited and moved, after having faced a journey full of emotions that will certainly keep among their best memories, like those that only the sea can give.