Nave Caio Duilio finishes the C2X exercise and enters New York

(To Marina Militare)

Completed the COMPTUEX - C2X exercise in south-central Florida waters, the Navy destroyer Caio Duilio stops in New York City.

A moment of pride for the Navy and for the destroyer crew who obtained the "Combat Readiness" at the end of the training carried out together with the American aircraft carrier group of the George HW Bush.

The C2X is one of the most complex and demanding American exercises involving more than 7.000 men and women on 14 ships, 3 submarines and 72 aircraft.

The air-naval group has covered over 8.000 nautical miles in high-intensity training in which the contrast to attacks in multi-threat scenarios was simulated; from the anti-aircraft fight, to the fight under the surface, from the management of operations with limited availability of use of radio / radar devices, to the ability to react to a ballistic attack. The result achieved will allow Nave Duilio to be integrated into bilateral or multinational arrangements. 

The destroyer will stop for a few days in New York to strengthen the ties between the Italian community abroad and to carry out activities of naval diplomacy.