Ship Atlante, the baptism of the sea

(To Marina Militare)

On Saturday 18 May the Navy and the Fincantieri Group celebrated the launch of the Atlante ship (A5336), the second auxiliary logistical support unit of the "Vulcano" class, type LSS (Logistic Support Ship). The location of the ceremony was the historic production site of the Castellammare di Stabia shipyard, where the traditional breaking of the bottle on the hull sealed the baptism of the sea for the unit, whose motto is “Fortibus nulla quies” (There is no rest for the strong): the launch from the port was the traditional one, by sliding into the sea.

Present were the Chief of Staff of the Navy, team admiral Enrico Credendino, the CEO and general director of Fincantieri Pierroberto Folgiero and the president of Fincantieri Claudio Graziano. Godmother of the launch, accompanied by the designated commander of the unit, captain Daniele Giorgini, Federica Gargano, granddaughter of the submarine admiral Romeo Oliva (1889 – 1975), officer of the military order of Italy and silver medal for military valor .

The ship takes its name from the Greek mythological character Atlas, from the Greek Ἄτλας” (Atlas, literally “tireless” or “he who endures”), a cunning, strong and shrewd Titan described as “he who supports on his shoulders - with immense effort - all the weight of the terrestrial globe”. The name recalls the importance of logistical support - an essential point of strength for any armed force - that modern LSS-type auxiliary units ensure for national air and naval forces and allied navies, but also for Civil Protection and populations in areas of disaster or crisis .