Nave Andrea Doria joins the UK Carrier Strike Group

(To Marina Militare)

Ship Andrea Doria recently concluded its participation in the NATO exercise Steadfast Defender 2021 held off the Portuguese coast. The destroyer then crossed the Strait of Gibraltar for its return to the Mediterranean Sea, after joining the British escort group of the HMS aircraft carrier. Queen Elizabeth together with the naval assets of the US and Dutch navies.

Il Carrier Strike Group, set sail from Portsmouth and bound for the South China Sea, will operate within an extremely large and complex geographic area. Ship Andrea Doria it was integrated into the British battle group during the first phase of the deployment, which will take place right inside the waters of our sea, fully expressing its potential in air defense and in contrasting an unpredictable and multifaceted threat.

The activity constitutes an opportunity to strengthen and consolidate multilateral relations and to test operational capabilities in facing increasingly complex challenges.

The synergistic use of the assets of the Italian Navy and those of the Royal Navy represents evidence of the interoperability and cooperation between the two countries, linked by a necessary and vital interest in the sea. Furthermore, the mutual support between the participating marinas is a moment of professional growth through the sharing of experiences and traditions.