Nave Andrea Doria trains with NATO

(To Marina Militare)

On May 20, the NATO exercise began in the waters off Portugal Steadfast Defender 2021 in which Nave participates Andrea Doria, destroyer of the Italian Navy.

La Steadfast Defender 2021 is the most important exercise organized by NATO, during the current year, and has the objective of training and increasing the interoperability of the military forces of the Alliance in the field of operations for the protection of maritime communications lines and more generally in carrying out operations to deterrence and defend the interests of NATO countries in Europe.

The exercise involves the participation of about 20 nations belonging to NATO and is divided into three phases linked by a global strategic narrative: the first aims to guarantee the safety of maritime routes with more traffic intensity, i.e. the so-called Sea Lines Of Communication (SLOC); the second involves the large-scale use of troops and means to demonstrate the ability to rapidly deploy forces; during the last phase, the speed of redeployment will be tested (cd deployment) of a rapid reaction force (Very High Readiness Joint Task Force).

Ship Doria will participate in the first phase of the exercise: the destroyer is characterized by a strong ability to combat the air and missile threat, thanks to its sensors, telecommunications equipment and innovative weapon systems, it helps to ensure maritime safety and interests vital national and member states of the Alliance.

The participation of Nave Andrea Doria the exercise confirms the will of our country to maintain a firm relationship with the countries of the Atlantic Alliance and to raise the training level more and more in a multinational context to ensure the defense of member countries, even and despite all the difficulties related to COVID -19.