NATO: Formidable Shield international exercise underway

(To Marina Militare)

The Defense is participating, with assets from the Navy and the Air Force, in the "Formidable Shield" international exercise underway in the Hebrides Islands area (UK) which will end on May 26th.

Notably, the Navy contributes the frigate Carlo Margottini  third of the European Multi-Mission Frigates (so-called FREMM), and the second of the class in the ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare) version.

La Formidable Shield it is an international type exercise Missile Defence planned and conducted every two years by the USA but which sees the participation of 13 allied nations and NATO partners, more than 20 ships and 35 aircraft with the contribution of about 4000 soldiers from Allied countries.

The long-planned exercise aims to test Allied interoperability in an integrated air and missile defense environment using NATO command and control structures.

La Formidable Shield, predicts events live and simulate yourself in a maritime anti-ballistic defense scenario. The primary purpose of the exercise is to develop and consolidate the IAMD/BMD (Integrated Air and Missile Defense/Ballistic Missile Defense) capabilities of an allied naval force, as well as demonstrate NATO's commitment to interoperability and defense the security of member countries.

NATO Allies work together to enhance their readiness, operational capability and combined commitment to deterrence and defense of the Euro-Atlantic area.