The Maritime Command Center and Capital is born

(To Marina Militare)

From XNUMXst October the Maritime Command Capital (MARICAPITALE) has become Maritime Command Center and Capital. The command that was headed only by the city of Rome has expanded its territorial powers to include Lazio, Marche, Umbria and - for the first time - two stretches of coast: from Pesaro to San Benedetto del Tronto and from Civitavecchia to Gaeta. A substantial novelty, which also redraws the boundaries of Northern Maritime Command (MARINANORD) and del South Maritime Command (MARINASUD), who have sold a portion of land and sea to Command of the Capital.

To seal this significant turning point, the ceremony to unveil the plaque with the new wording was held on 5 October at the Grazioli Lante barracks in Rome, headquarters of the command, in the presence of Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone, chief of staff of the Navy.

The remodeling “It was challenging, but at no cost - says Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone - The need to evolve the organizational model of our armed force has been grasped, in order to review and redistribute the surface in a functional way ". Which involves one "Greater adherence on the territory and greater coherence of maritime jurisdiction".

Given the new feature, the Maritime Command Center and Capital has been equipped with an operations room that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing for a capillary monitoring of the territory and the sea areas under its responsibility.

“From 1938 to today, the seat of the Maritime Command of the capital has changed its face. The principle of transformation and change has been the basis of the success of this structure - says Rear Admiral Cesare Bruno Petragnani, head of the new command - The current command is completely similar in roles and functions to the North and South maritime commands ".

With the new reconfiguration, Italy is divided into four maritime commands: Northern Maritime Command (MARINANORD), South Maritime Command (MARINASUD), Maritime Command Center and Capital (CMCC) e Sicily maritime command (MARISICILIA). The maritime command is responsible for the general and administrative logistical support of the offices of the Navy that insist on the territory; the other armed forces are involved in the field of civil protection in the event of natural disasters; monitors activities at sea in order to contribute to the safety of navigation. Furthermore, together with the civil authorities, it plans the activities concerning the state property, supervises the representation activities and the mobilization of personnel.

In carrying out these tasks, the maritime command is placed in synthesis as an element of the Navy of interface with the governmental authorities, administrations and local entities present in the regions of jurisdiction.