Morosini: the students of the "Cerberus" course swear allegiance to their homeland

(To Francesco Bergamo)

At the "Francesco Morosini" Naval Military School in Venice, on Friday, 68 students of the course Cerberus have sworn allegiance to the Italian Republic and its institutions.

By pronouncing the formula of the oath the students have established the bond with the homeland and have thus become part of the great family of the Navy.

Solemn ceremony with the presence of Defense Minister Elisabetta Trenta and the Navy Chief of Staff, Team Admiral Valter Girardelli and the Mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro.

The "godfather of the course", rear-admiral Piero Pellizzari, delivered the banner.

In the spectacular lagoon setting, with the Italian flag silhouetted against the sky, the students shouted in unison "Lo Giuro".

"This oath will guide you in the difficult decisions that you will be called to take in your life" - the minister said. "Be proud of the high and demanding function you have chosen".

"Today you have shown for the first time - with pride and pride - your banner and shared with us your motto, united forever never defeated" said the school commander, Captain of the vessel Massimo Fabbri. "Both will identify you forever".

As established by tradition, the President of the National Association of Naval School F. Morosini, Francesco Businaro also spoke: "Thank you, pivoli, for having shouted your commitment of fidelity to this wonderful country of ours. Never betray it or you will betray yourself ".

The "Morosini" is the training institute of excellence of the Navy and aims to arouse in young people the interest in life on the sea. During the training course a correct balance is sought between the pre-university scholastic preparation and the activities that mark the daily rhythm of the life of the student. Just after the beginning of this articulated path, the Country Oath is placed.

Morosini is a second-level school of education where the last three years of the traditional scientific and classical high school take place.

The educational and didactic course of the "Francesco Morosini" Naval Military School of Venice requires constant and determined application in all the activities that mark the daily rhythm of the student's life, in which correctness, order and sense of duty must be placed at community service.

School lessons are developed according to the study plan of the Ministry of Education, University and Research and the entire teaching body is composed of civilian MIUR teachers. The visitors meet in the maritime disciplines, such as sailing, canoeing, rowing, swimming and Venetian rowing, and sports in general (athletics, basketball, volleyball, soccer and gym), all developed within the Institute which, with the its facilities, vehicles and boats represent a top-level sports and training reference.

Students are part of the Institute's representatives and participate in the Student Championships and various extra-school tournaments. Inside the school there are multimedia systems that meet the current educational needs. This experience is completed by the winter and summer training and training activities, including: the week of mountain acclimatization, the visit to Commands and Bodies of the various Armed Forces as well as the Summer Naval Education Campaigns on Navy School Ships ("Ship Amerigo Vespucci "and" Nave Palinuro ") and the" Arte del Comando / Force Protection "module at the San Marco marine brigade in Brindisi. These activities represent a moment of personal growth and an opportunity for knowledge and contact with different military realities for a more informed choice at the end of the three-year school program.

The "Francesco Morosini" Military Naval School, together with the Naval Academy of Livorno and the Non-commissioned schools of Taranto and La Maddalena, belongs to the group of training institutes of the Navy.