In Maristaeli Catania the proclamation of the 2024 basic courses for specialists and operators of the Navy Air Forces

(To Marina Militare)

All projects Navy helicopter station in Catania, the attendees of the 1st and 2nd basic course for helicopter specialists at the flight crew training center (Ce.FEV) chose the names and mottos of their respective courses. A symbolic ritual full of meaning which follows and corroborates, by gathering young students in an informal moment, the values ​​of belonging and esprit de corps typical of the Navy.

The event, chaired by the base commander, captain Riccardo Leoni, with the participation of representatives of the Maristaeli and the flight groups, proved to be a moment of intense emotion and pride.

The first course entrusted their dreams to the winged sandals of "Hermes", god of Greek mythology, son of Zeus and the Pleiad Maia, endowed with great ingenuity, ability to overcome obstacles and a spirit of adventure, qualities that make him a model of example for future students.

The second course, guided by the values ​​of courage, willpower and esprit de corps, ideals that will act as a beacon in their professional and human path, chose to take inspiration from the indigenous American population of the "Apache".

In conclusion, the commander underlined "the symbolic importance of this event which represents a beginning, but also a promise of the young generations to serve the Naval Aviation, the Navy and the country with honor and dedication".