In Maristaeli Catania 30 students complete the training course as specialists in the air departments of the Navy

(To Marina Militare)

At the end of an intense and demanding training course lasting approximately 18 months held at the flight crew training center (Ce.FEV) of the Navy helicopter station of Catania, thirty young students obtained the aircraft specialist licence.

The ceremony of awarding the characteristic four-bladed badge, symbol of the skills acquired as aircraft specialists of the Navy's air forces, proved to be a moment of intense emotion and pride which crowned months of sacrifices, study and dedication. Presided over by the base commander, ship captain Riccardo Leoni, the event saw the large participation of almost 200 family members, whose support represented a fundamental value in the journey towards the coveted goal.

The commander wanted to underline, in his speech, the importance of the role that the newly certified will play in carrying out their daily duties in the service of Naval Aviation, urging the young specialists to "look ahead with confidence and determination, facing every challenge with passion, courage, dedication, moral integrity and solidarity, in the awareness of the responsibilities that await them on their demanding path".

The event represents an important chapter in the history of the training center which, with the presence of around 200 students engaged in 27 different types of courses, has represented the cradle of Naval Aviation of the Navy for sixty years now.

“On this day of celebration and pride, we honor the dedication of those who, today as in the past, by courageously embracing the challenge of service, have demonstrated commitment, determination and extraordinary ability to overcome any obstacle".