Navy: Aretusa ship operating in the Sicilian Channel

(To Marina Militare)

Ship Arethusa has just completed the hydrographic activity in favor of the Ministry of Economic Development, which began in November.

The aim was to map, for cartographic purposes and limited to the Italian continental shelf, the pipelines of the Transmed gas pipelines, a connection between Tunisia with Mazara del Vallo (TP), and Greeenstream, which connects Libya with Gela (CL), for a total of approximately 65 Nautical Miles and an area of ​​approximately 150 km2.

The activity is part of the collaboration agreement between the Navy and the General Directorate for Infrastructure and Safety of Energy and Geomineral Systems of the Ministry of Economic Development (DGISSEG-MiSE) signed last September 14th.

Ship Arethusa, framed within the naval team through the Command of the Mine Countermeasures Forces (MARICODRAG) and the Hydrographic Units and Experience Squadron Command (COMSQUAIDRO), every year carries out hydrographic campaigns aimed at updating the nautical documentation, checking the seabed marine, to the study of the chemical-physical parameters of the waters and to the characterization of the seabed, both in favor of the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy, and in collaboration with Research Institutes and Institutes, in the context of multipurpose activities and in the context of employment flexible and “dual use” of the Armed Force, contributing to the safety of mariners and scientific research.