Navy: Nave Alghero joins the SNMCMG2

(To Greater Defense)

Ship Alghero, minesweeper of the Italian Navy, will be integrated into the Standing NATO Mine Counter Measures Group 2 (SNMCMG2), the permanent NATO device that provides the Alliance with a ready operational capability, essential to ensure free access to ports and the safety of navigation in the Mediterranean from the possible presence of mines.

During this period the unit will carry out training with the other naval units of the group in order to maintain high levels of interoperability between Allied assets in the field of mine countermeasures.

The aggregation will continue until around mid-August. Later Ship Alghero he will return to the port of La Spezia where, together with the other 9 minesweepers, he will ensure the fulfillment of the missions assigned to the Command of Mine Countermeasure Forces (MARICODRAG).