Navy: naval group trains in the eastern Mediterranean

(To Marina Militare)

The naval group focused on Nave Giuseppe Garibaldi, entrusted to Rear Admiral Antonio Galiuto, in which the multi-role frigates also operated Bergamini e Alpine, with the support of the supplier Stromboli, has recently completed its presence in the Mediterranean. 

In the days from 3 to 10 December, the Navy units carried out various "passage" training activities (so-called PASSEX), on an opportunity basis, with the Marines present in the area. In fact, there have been some training opportunities at different times with Greek, Cypriot, Turkish and French ships, which have made it possible to increase the level of crew training and interoperability between naval assets.

 With the Garibaldi and its escort ships, in addition to giving a concrete demonstration of the ability to intervene in all domains, the naval group has conducted amalgamation and integration activities with most of the main navies operating there, bilaterally and in the field of exercises.

The Mediterranean Sea, despite representing only 1% of the ocean surface by extension, assumes a high importance by virtue of its position of connection between the oceans and of the actors who operate there.

The Navy, even in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic which imposes considerable constraints and restrictions, continues to honor the operational commitments in support of the country and at the same time to safeguard the health of its crews, operating in support of the safety of maritime communication lines , the free use of the high seas and the protection of national interests at sea and from the sea, through operations Safe Sea e Irini, as well as anti-piracy efforts in the Gulf of Guinea and the Indian Ocean.