Marina Militare and Tim Sparkle in agreement for the protection of submarine telecommunication cables

(To Marina Militare)

A memorandum of understanding aimed at improving the protection of underwater telecommunications infrastructures through research activities and shared operating procedures. This was the agreement signed between the Navy and the Italian telecommunications company Sparkle.

To sign the agreement the Chief of Staff of the Navy, team admiral Enrico Credendino, and the CEO of Sparkle, Dr. Elisabetta Romano in the presence of the president of Sparkle, Dr. Alessandro Pansa.

The agreement formalizes the will to cooperate in a sector considered strategic for the socio-economic development of Italy with the creation of shared operating procedures and the possibility of carrying out joint reconnaissance and monitoring activities of the submarine cables owned by Sparkle and of the areas neighboring. Cartographic support by the Navy is also provided for the seabed of interest as well as assistance in emergency operational situations. The agreement will also allow for the development of study and research activities deemed to be of common interest between the parties for the pursuit of their respective institute tasks.

“The Navy is one of the fundamental ribs of the national maritime cluster and works daily to defend and support it. We have the skills and professionalism to operate underwater and today, thanks also to Sparkle, an important journey begins that gives the right attention to the underwater world of a maritime country like Italy, in the center of the Mediterranean and with 8.000 kilometers of coastline. . " these are the words of Admiral Credendino released on the sidelines of the signing of the agreement.

Underlining the importance of this joint protocol, Dr. Elisabetta Romano stated: "We are proud and honored of this prestigious collaboration with the Navy which confirms the strategic role of digital infrastructures for the development of the country, recognizing the significant contribution of Sparkle".