Navy: certificates delivered to the new divers of the 2023 Ordinary course

(To Marina Militare)

The ceremony for the awarding of diver's licenses to the students of the divers took place today in Le Grazie, at the divers and raiders group command (COMSUBIN). ordinary course 2023 in the presence of the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral Giuseppe Berutti Bergotto and the political and military authorities.

The divers of the Navy are a reference unanimously recognized at an international level in the world of diving: they make up the Comsubin underwater operations group (GOS), a specialist force of the Navy responsible for conducting complex underwater operations and specialized in clearing mines and ordnance ordnance found at sea, in technical interventions at deep altitudes and in rescue and technical support for the crews of damaged submarines.

The Deputy Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral Giuseppe Berutti Bergotto, encouraged the divers by stating “In the last decade, thanks to technological development, accessibility to the seabed, now truly strategic corridors, has increased exponentially. This is a dimension towards which the armed force is dedicating great impetus and attention, means and valuable resources of which you are fully part".

“The year just ended saw Navy divers engaged in out-of-area operations on board the units of the naval team and in explosive ordnance clearance activities in maritime contexts, completing over 230 interventions and neutralizing as many as 12680 residual explosive devices war from seas, rivers and lakes - said Rear Admiral Rossi, commander of the Comsubin - Divers are also present in Antarctica to support the underwater activities carried out by Enea researchers and carry out their diving activities in multiple inter-ministerial and inter-agency contexts on sites of archaeological interest or in the priority monitoring of underwater pipelines and offshore platforms as part of maritime surveillance operations. This confirms the very high potential of this component of the Navy, in a context such as that of the particularly current and significant underwater one and where the Navy continues to equip itself with technologically advanced means to monitor and safeguard the marine environment".