Navy: national participation in the At Sea Demonstration - Formidable Shield-21 exercise concluded

(To Marina Militare)

Atlantic Ocean, Hebridean Islands polygon - Scotland. With the completion of the last medium-range ballistic missile launch and downing, the exercise ended on May 30, 2021 At Sea Demonstration - Formidable Shield-21 (ASD / FS21) in which the frigate participated Antonio Marceglia.

The event, jointly organized by Maritime Theater Missile Defense Forum (MTMD-F) and from Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO (STRIKFORNATO), saw the participation of 15 ships and aircraft belonging to 10 allied Marines: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, United States and Italy.

The main objectives of the exercise were the confirmation of the high integrated air defense capabilities (IAMD - Integrated Air Missile Defense) and ballistics (BMD - Ballistic Missile Defense) of an allied naval force, as well as the demonstration of NATO's commitment to interoperability and the defense of the security of member countries.

The participation for Italy of the frigate Antonio Marceglia, eighth unit of the FREMM class (European Multi-mission Frigate), made it possible to verify in the field the performance and reliability of the systems on board in an extremely realistic, demanding and fully integrated context with the other participating units.

The collaboration between the Navy and the national defense industry, in particular Leonardo and MBDA Italy, has guaranteed the possibility of directing technological developments and optimizing the performance of each single device to equip future units of the Naval Squad with sensors, actuators and state-of-the-art command and control systems capable of countering the increasingly performing missile threats.

Overall, Nave Marceglia has successfully participated in a multifaceted activity that required the careful application of complex procedures and the use of advanced systems, expression of a technological advantage not common to all navies.