Military Navy: ceremony for the rotation of the head of the Health Inspectorate

(To Marina Militare)

On March 2, the ceremony for the rotation of the head of theHealth Inspectorate Navy between Chief Inspector Admiral Riccardo Guarducci (assignor) and Inspector Admiral Antonio Dondolini Poli (accentor).

Admiral Guarducci in his farewell speech, in thanking the Chief of Staff for "the extraordinary, unusual interest he has always shown for healthcare, for the physical and mental health of the women and men of the Navy", mentioned the main projects completed during his mandate. In particular to the new procedure for verifying suitability for military service, to the publication on the health supplies of the UU.NN. and of the land-based bodies of the Navy, to the ordering and organic reorganization of the health bodies which outlines a more homogeneous and functionally effective reorganization of the land-based organization of the Navy's health care.

The head of the Navy's health corps, admiral inspector Antonio Dondolini Poli, in his speech, when also assuming the position of head of theHealth Inspectorate of the Navy, after thanking the Chief of Staff of the Navy for the trust placed in him, he underlined the "full confidence that all members of the Medical Corps will raise the good name of the Navy by always doing their duty with honour, with strength, with humanity, with the highest professionalism, working with great team cohesion and demonstrating that they possess the very high moral qualities and military who have, since April 1, 1861 characterized the members of our glorious Corps".

At the end of the speech, the Chief of Staff of the Navy thanked Admiral Riccardo Guarducci for the work done and expressed his best wishes for a good job for Admiral Antonio Dondolini Poli, reiterating the centrality of Health in ensuring full psychophysical well-being of civilian and military personnel, which represents the key element for the full efficiency of the Navy.